About Us

    Shree Enterprises, a trusted name in the Industry for Gland Packings, PTFE products, Orbital Winding, Industrial Water Treatment R O Plants and Chemicals is a leader in latest technology today and aims to provide its esteemed customers with unique, versatile and cost effective products. Their Research and Development facilities are devoted specially to the development of new products, testing and evaluating the performance of the existing products.
    At the Shree Enterprises you will receive a sincere long-term commitment to receive top quality products and services. The dedicated involvement that we possess, makes us a tough contender and helps us to provide customers with state of the art products that meet their expectations.
    We are small enough to know our customers personally yet competitively skilled to provide quantity and quality for any size of order.
    We still believe that our success is an outcome of sheer dedication, hard work and a commitment to customer satisfaction.